Friday, March 4, 2011

Good judgment comes from experience,

... and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.

I'm in the process of house hunting with my husband. We are doing this from 250 miles away, so we're house hunting on the Internet (oh, what an interesting process that is!)

Through a long story best told over a drink in a bar, we somehow ended up talking with a person whose house is for sale. In a long, long conversation we found out it's in foreclosure, the man & his wife don't know if they'll be evicted, the house has 'a few cosmetic problems but it's in a great location' and...

The story continues. My initial response was 'how can someone let themselves get stuck in a situation like that.' Then I took a step back and realized, 'hmm. that can easily happen. Look at us. For a time, we'll carry two mortgages until we sell our current house. What if...'

Yep. It's important to keep it in perspective. There but for the grace of God (and a bit of good judgment) go I...