Monday, January 2, 2012

I wish the buck stopped here ...

since I could use a few.

Seriously: I'm not hurting for money. Yep, I could use more. Anyone can (except maybe Bill Gates and some movie stars). But I can balance my budget adequately without strain. I was able to buy Christmas presents without concern and give gifts that I really wanted to get for people.

Note that I also save on a regular basis and I always have. I'm frugal with my cash, and when I consider a major purchase (like a car for example), I really think and think and think about it. I'm impulsive, up to a point.

Christmas is a great time to re-examine your priorities and shake them up a bit. Just seeing all the hype was an eye-opener. Stepping back and looking, really looking at ads, is interesting. And then there's the excess: Rose Bowl parade, college football bowls, parties ...

Yep. Nothing like a new year to give you a new perspective, isn't there?