Friday, October 7, 2016

Age doesn't bring wisdom.

Sometimes it comes alone.

I've been thinking about this as I watch the train wreck which is America's election season unfold. My main thought is, "How the hell did we end up with these 2 candidates?" and "WTF, GOP?"

If nothing else, this election has shown that the 2 party system isn't working. It's also shown how America is occupied by people who view reality in several different ways.

I remember a day when America was one nation, not the three or four that seem to be out there now. Maybe I was naive to think so, but I used to think that, despite our differences, we were mostly united.

Yes, I was naive, I realize that now. I have seen opinions and thoughts expressed by friends that horrify me in their justification of the candidate of their choice. I feel as though people have taken Crazy Juice and are now saying things that they normally wouldn't. Or maybe they were thinking these things but didn't say them out loud.

Whatever it is, I'll be so glad when this is over and we can deal with the fallout. Because there will be fallout, no matter who's elected. Let's just hope we can all cope for 4 years.