Monday, January 20, 2014

Good luck...

... is the result of good planning.

[start rant]

You know, nothing is more irksome than when somebody says "You're lucky. Your husband is so supportive." Or "You're lucky. Your job pays so well." Or...

You get the idea.

That isn't luck. That's planning and hard work and communication. I have 5 -- count them -- 5 college degrees, and I did by working full time and going to school at night. I worked at colleges so they paid the tuition, but I did the coursework. Those degrees got me interviews, but my skills got me the jobs.

I get paid well for what I do (in my Day Job. My fiction job: not so well). And the reason I get paid well is because I do my job well. I do what's expected of me and I try to provide leadership and expertise in all I do. It's not good luck. It's hard work. It doesn't just happen.

As to my husband ... I left an abusive marriage long ago. If your husband isn't supportive or if he infringes on your time too much--deal with it. Leave him or talk to him or get help, but don't pin your failures on him. They are Your Failures. I am SO tired of hearing people say, "Oh, the kids keep me so busy" or "my husband doesn't like that so I don't ...."

This is *your* life. Quit using other people as an excuse for what you failed to do.

[end rant]

There. I feel better now ☺