Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Whatever hits the fan ...

.... will not be evenly distributed.

This one hits home for me, because a lot of sh*t hit the fan this fall. You see, I've been helping co-chair this major event for the Master Gardeners. I mean -- MAJOR. It's a one-day mini-conference and we usually have 500 attendees, 70 speakers, multiple buildings used, lunch served, etc.

So yeah, I was co-chairing -- then my co-chair bailed out on me. She just quit. Walked off. Left me with "what the hell did you work on and did it get done?"

I had to scramble for all of November just to catch up then all of December to make sure things got done.

And you know what? I still wrote another book, came up with a promo plan, and managed to work full-time (and more) at the Paycheck Job.

Which just goes to show -- stay away from the fan. You never know when "it" will hit.