Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Talk is cheap...

 ...because supply exceeds demand.

This seems so appropriate on this, an election day.

I always mute the TV when political ads come on. I don't care who they are: Mute. I also don't read any political junk sent to me. I do read the newspaper, but I don't delve deeply into politics. I don't trust politicians and I don't trust news people. We no longer have a Walter Cronkite or Harry Reasoner to trust.

I abhor the direction where our country is sliding. I hate the underbelly that was exposed by Trump (yes, those supporters are deplorable). My feelings for many family members changed when they came out in support of him and I can never go back to the happy acceptance of them.

You see, I thought we all had the same values but we don't. And I just can't compromise on that. This isn't about a single topic (abortion, voting rights, taxes). It's about basic human decency. 

Yep, talk is cheap. Actions speak the loudest.