Monday, March 26, 2012

The older we get...

...the fewer things seem worth waiting in line for.

This bring me to The Hunger Games, of course. I saw pictures of people lined up to get into the film and I thought, "Gee, must be a Beatles reunion. Oh, wait. Can't happen. Hmm."

Seriously. I love seeing fans who can't wait to enjoy something -- a book, a concert, a movie. I waited in line once. I think it was in 1970 and I wanted Eric Clapton's debut album so bad I slept out overnight with some other kids to buy it at a record store. It was worth it.

And I have waited in line when I had to enter items in the Minnesota State Fair, but that was minor. Just a few minutes chatting with other folks carrying jams, wood carvings, quilts, and oddments. Interesting.

Other than that, I do not wait in line unless I am the 2nd or 3rd person there. I have been known to leave restaurants rather than wait 20 minutes (unless they have a bar. I will make exceptions to my rules when alcohol is involved). I am a charter member of the Short Attention Span Theater. I can't sit still long enough for a cat to get comfortable on my lap (unless I'm dozing).

So may it's not "the older we get" that's the rule here. Maybe some of us are just born that way.

But you know, if the Beatles did reunite (with George and John coming back to play a gig), I'd probably wait in line for that.